About me

My name is Miriam Oostinga. I was born in Apeldoorn a couple of years ago. Originally I am a Criminologist, but since I acquired my Master Investigative Psychology I have a wider psychological background. Since 2014, I am a PhD student at the department of Psychology of Conflict, Risk, and Safety at the University of Twente. To discover some more about my professional background, please visit: Curriculum Vitae.

I have a broad interest in crime in general and psychology-related research in particular. I like to uncover the unknown. I explored the control methods used to dominate victims of human trafficking. Studied the cultural dimension uncertainty avoidance in crisis negotiation and currently assess communication error management in law-enforcement interactions. To explore the work I have published and/or presented, please visit: Publications.

Over the past few years I have realized that the bridge between policy, science and practice is so very important to make. When performing my studies and presenting my work, I always keep that in mind. To get inspired by some examples and experiences, please visit: Mission.